I'll be honest, I haven't completely wrapped my head around this latest offering from Ochre Jelly, mostly because I have practically no knowledge of Voltron, old or new. Iain describes this series as a "LEGO love note to the amazing animated Netflix show VOLTRON : LEGENDARY DEFENDER." and having not seen it, the characters mean nothing to me. But they are superbly built with the detail, flair and panache that I've come to expect from Iain, and they make me curious about the show. Click through for the whole series.

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe!

Voltron: Defender of the Universe!

So, I bought Voltron!  My son and I put him together the other night.  Took us about three hours; we both built an arm and a leg, then I 'supervised' the Black lion.  I've been driving my wife crazy referring to him by some of his lesser known titles, like Voltron: Defender of the Coffee Machine, and Voltron: Defender of the Dining Room Table.  You get the idea...

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe!

Okay, team:  Activate your interlocks, connect your dyna-therms, and up your infra-cells.  Never knew what that last one meant, but anyway... Let's go Voltron Force!  Check out this detailed and functional LEGO reproduction of a classic 80's cartoon robot by승훈 이.  He's got all the poses, too, not only for Voltron, but all of the individual Lions.  "Form Blazing Sword!"