YT-1450 Light Freighter

I've been around for a while now.   Not as long as Tommy of course, but quite a while.  And I've seen a ton of variations on the Corellian freighter design.  Round in the stern, two mandibles in the bow, docking hatches on the sides, something asymmetrical.  So when I saw this YT-1450 Light Freighter, I thought, "Cool build, nice color blocking, interesting/purposeful stuff on the hull, very convincing as something one might see in the upcoming movie." 

YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

But that all changed when I saw the next pic.  "No frakin' way!!"  After alllll these years, that's why the Falcon had those notches in the front, to actually carry cargo.  Not just, well, whatever it was that Han and Chewie hauled around inside the ship.  Ooger has had a spark of genius here with this freighter, the Nadir, and the massive cargo containers it's got in its teeth.  According to him, "Those mandibles had to be used for something, right?"   I love it!

YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir" - Container Mode