Zycon VI

Introducing the Zycon VI, engineered to thrill.

The long-hull proportions express the purity of a cruiser with a clarity of purpose. From the Thermatalonin induction port to active thrust vectoring, airflow under, over and into the body is managed with strategic brilliance. Every element contributes to performance, and conspires to seduce.

The lightspeed, multimode DCT transducer is rear-mounted, to help create the Zycon's ideal 47:53 front/rear balance. A carbon-fiber driveshaft links it to the front-mid-mounted quantum drive. Lightning-quick shifts, a limited-slip differential and torque vectoring precisely deliver power to space.

Radar-based COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS can help you avoid frontal collisions, and can even initiate braking. ATTENTION ASSIST® can help sense a drowsy pilot. A rearview camera, NAVTRONIC, and available Blind Spot and Space Lane Keeping Assists help smooth your moves from the launch port to the galaxy.

I stole all that from the Mercedes website and swapped a few words, I crack myself up. Nice build Rogue Bantha.