Win The Ultimate LEGO Travel Contest!

Our pals over at Beyond the Brick are hosting a contest that pretty much every AFOL wants to win, a trip to Billund to see the LEGO house, and attend Skærbæk Fan Weekend! They want you to get creative and reimagine a LEGO set, big or small, and post pictures to the official Flickr group. Watch the video and read all about it here, then get building!

Be Cool Honey Bunny...

I realize some of our younger readers might not understand this, and to that I say "someday you will, when you're old enough to watch Pulp Fiction". This was built by Mark van der Maarel for the Kill Brick Contest at Rogue Bricks, which is challenging fans to built MOCs inspired by Quentin Tarantino. I can't wait to see what the builders come up with.

"Be cool Honey-Bunny! Be cool!"

Win A LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Watch!


Everybody loves BB-8, that adorable ball of droid goodness from Star Wars. Everyone needs to know what time it is every now and then. So why not combine them? That right, we're talking about a LEGO Star Wars BB-8 watch, and you can win one super easy. Just click below to enter, there's several ways to do it and you can increase your odds by doing them all.


Only One Week Left!

Hey all you 80's fans, you only have one week left to get in on the Nerdvember action! We're giving away some awesome prizes including the Ghostbusters Firehouse, Snowspeeder and Speederbike from LEGO, lights from Brickstuff, books from No Starch, printed bricks from CustomBRICKS and EclipseGRAFX, clocks and watches from ClicTime, a subscription to BrickJournal, Stickers from Cooperworks, custom parts from CrazyBricks and a Brick Loot box! There's been some awesome entries so far, what will you build? Contest ends Nov 30th at midnight, get building!


Nerdvember 2017 Is Here!


It's here, Nerdvember 2017! I wanted to make a video to kick this off but I simply didn't have time, between traveling and a tight production schedule on back to back projects I'm stretched a bit thin, so I'll ask you to use your imagination. We hear a driving 80's beat, not unlike Jan Hammer and see multiple Miami Vice like shots of an exotic car driving through a picturesque coastal scene. Then the car stops and I step out of the car, dressed like Don Johnson. I tip down my mirror shades and say simply "welcome to Nerdvember". Now if that doesn't set the scene for a totally awesome 80's contest I don't know what does. That's right, Nerdvember 2017's theme is "80's" and everything that goes with it. Think of all the movies, TV shows, video games, music and pop culture of the 80's, and think how you could spin our mascot Nerdly to that and you get the idea. 


If you're not in the know, this is Nerdly, BrickNerd's mascot, and he's bitchin'. Your task is to incorporate him into an awesome 80's mashup. Imagine him with a proton pack, singing Beat It, Terminating, whatever! If you need a little inspiration check out the entries from 2016 and 2015. And while the theme is 80's, you can also build whatever you want, we don't care as long as it's nerdy! You can download free instructions for Nerdly here.

Just join the official Flickr group, put on your Walkman, crank up the Duran Duran and start building, you have until midnight November 30th to enter as many times as you like. And just like past years we have an amazing group of sponsors with loads of tubular prizes. There's a Brick Loot box, lighting accessories from BrickStuff, a clock and watch from ClicTime, custom parts from Crazy Bricks, a subscription to BrickJournal, stickers from Cooper Works, custom printed bricks from CustomBRICKS and EclipseGRAFX and to top it all off some awesome sets from LEGO. I can't reveal what they are yet, but the theme is 80's you know (hint hint).

Update: No Starch Press has joined the sponsors and will be sending books to winners!


Must submit to official Flickr group no later than Nov 30th 11:59pm PST
Enter as many times as you like
Please submit no more than two pictures per MOC
Tag your pictures with "Nerdvember"
Must be physically built, no digital models please
No age limit, but if you’re under 18 please ask your parents
No scale limit, build as big or small as you like
No knockoff brands (Kre-o, Mega, etc.) but third party accessories are OK (Brickforge, Brickarms, Brickstuff, etc.)
Stickers are allowed
The theme is 80's, but you don't have to follow it if you don't want to, build whatever you want, just make it nerdy.
Download free instructions for Nerdly at
Winners will be featured on BrickNerd and there will be three prize packages of various levels of awesome, first second and third. No special categories or funny business, just 1 2 3. Prizes will be shipped directly from the sponsors starting in December. Judging will be done by a small, secret committee, their word is final.