An open letter to all parents:

Are you considering buying a trampoline for your children? Before you do I'd like to invite you to watch an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. It doesn't matter which one really, just pick an episode. Now watch carefully when they show the trampoline clips (aren't they in every episode?) See how the magical formula of stretched canvas, springs and a frame reduces collective IQ by up to 64%? Before encountering this device, the involved human was at least reasonably intelligent, walking upright and uninjured, now they are a cautionary tale. Before you bring one of these devices to your back yard (by the way, they're supposed to be in your back yard) please stock up on bandaids, splints and ice packs, you're going to need them. This incredible simulation of a typical encounter is by Legohaulic, see the raw fear in those eyes?You've been warned.

One Giant Bounce for Mankind