Robotriffic Sunday

As I rub the sleep from my eyes and sip my PG Tips this morning I'm pleased to see a really cool robot on Flickr. Then another...and ANOTHER. Three robots, three artists, three winners. Rather than post three in a row, I'm mashing them all together in one epic, robotriffic post. I hope you're sitting down kids (I am).


First up is Spr1nt3r. Thirdeye88 describes this as a "doodle" that got more serious. The flexibility and color scheme on this MOC caught my eye. It's just itching to be posed.


Next up is NHI MPHS-NFA-05E (uh, what?) from - NHI -. The proportions and those giant hands make this MOC stand out. It's got some really interesting connections and details too.


Last up, and my personal favorite, is Tubby by m_o_n_k_e_y. Mostly because I think this is probably what I would look like in robotic form.