Doc Ock

Fun fact: I worked on Spiderman 2. Not so fun fact: I spent most of the time working on a single shot that was when this guy showed up and some metal panels got pulled off the wall, blink and you missed it. Doctor Octopus, depicted here by vitreolum, is one of those villains that everyone knows, but no one really “knows”, you know? He’s actually a pretty complex character, who just happens to be a mad scientist with mechanical appendages hell bent on proving his genius while smashing Spiderman.

Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus

Looks like Doc Ock has a serious beef with the Daily Bugle's editorial board-Yikes!  My old pal Thorsten Bonsch has shifted gears from his Batcave series to the Marvel Universe.  There's lots to appreciate in this action packed scene; from the lettering in the floor to the curved city-scape mural on the back.  And even though things look dire for our web-slinging hero, I'm sure Spidey will ultimately save the day.  Just hopefully before the evening deadline... 

Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus 1