Cha, Boska!

Jabba really doesn't like being threatened or told what to do. We saw what happened to Luke, and he was being pretty nice about it, even offered a gift (well, not really, it was all a trick). And rancors are always hungry, if not a little misunderstood, so Luke had his hands full after getting dropped. All this action is laid out in this excellent two story MOC of Jabba's palace by builder Martin Harris, where every scene can be recreated (and pretty much has in his photostream, check it out). Now I wanna watch Jedi...mmmm, slave Leia....

Mission to Jabba's Palace-20

Turkey Day Is Almost Here

Everyone's getting ready for the holidays. Traditionally Thanksgiving kicks things off, but I was seeing Christmas crap in Michael's in August. Anyway, if you like football, drunk distant relatives and copious amounts of food, Thanksgiving is your day. And you only have a little more than a week to wait. Mr. Rancor couldn't wait, but thanks to DigiNik13 and this awesome picture, we can all look forward to a little gobble gobble.