Barb's Disappearance

It was way back in season 1 of Stranger Things when we lost Barb, and the fans have wanted justice ever since. I keep secretly wishing they’ll bring her back, I know things didn't turn out so well for her, but it’s fantasy, some clever writing can do wonders. Builder Legopard took some cues from the official set and imagines the setting for Barb’s disappearance, and the results are awesome.

BrickNerd LiveBuild: Stranger Things

Everyone’s favorite creepy and nostalgic show Stranger Things is back for season 3 tomorrow and we’re going to celebrate by building LEGO 75810 The Upside Down live!. This will be a simulstream on both our YouTube channel and our sister site Nerds&Makers Twitch stream. Join us tomorrow July 4th starting at 8am PST!


The Perfect Hiding Place

The wait for the third season of Stranger Things has been excruciating, but hopefully it’s because it’s ambitious and as well developed as the first two. Builder Norton74 is anxiously waiting too, and has opted to occupy himself with some Hawkins inspired builds. The latest is where Sheriff Hopper hid Eleven from the government, his old family cabin in the woods.

Don't Mess With Eleven

In season one of Stranger Things you are continually guessing at the nature of El’s gifts, and the power of them. You might have been wondering why the bad guys were so afraid of her, then this scene happened and you were pretty much as shocked and stunned as the kids she was escaping with, and I’m guessing totally hooked for the rest of the season. An iconic moment brilliantly recreated by Norton74.

Stranger Teens

The Stranger Things cast is a good mix of young and less young, and they all have their own way of dealing with the exceptionally odd circumstances that befall the small town of Hawkins. Builder  Casey M explores the Miniland Plus format with this collection of the teens of the show, including cult favorite Barbara Holland. Oh Barb, how we love you.

Stranger Things Miniland Plus Teenagers

Stranger Thingz

I'm a big Stranger Things fan, and I'm not alone. Something about that creative story telling infused with some serious 80's feels resonated with a lot of people, and the show was a runaway hit. Builder Casey M is a fan, in fact he's got an ongoing Stranger Things display for Brickworld, and this excellent collection of Brickheadz is just part of it.

Stranger Things Brickheadz