A Gun In Space

The USS Sulaco from the 1986 classic Aliens is one of my favorite all-time ships. Syd Mead's original design for the ship, while still cool, was a little bulbous and not very fitting for the Colonial Marines' bad ass persona. Then director James Cameron did a rough sketch of what's been called a "gun in space" and the rest is history. This MOC by Si-MOCs captures it's iconic shape perfectly in small form.


So Much Awesome


Brace yourselves. What do you get when you combine an awesome concept artist, with an awesome movie, with an awesome visual effect studio, with an awesome LEGO designer, with an awesome AFOL? You get this, the spinner from Blade Runner, designed by Syd Mead, realized by ILM, built in Technic by LEGO's Jørgen Thomsen and reverse engineered by BrickJournal's own Joe Meno.