Unplanned Maintenance

I really like this shot!  It's one of those scenes where it seems like just another day at work, but you know that something horrible is about to happen.  It reminds me of the beginning of an old X-Files episode, for those familiar with Fluke Boy.  Conspiracy theories aside,  Justin M Winn has been experimenting with a Brickstuff lighting kit, and I'd say it's been a success.  Can't wait to see what happens next!

Unplanned Maintenance - Main Services Tunnel, Sector M11

The Right Weapon For The Job

Creatively lighting a MOC for photography can be tricky, very tricky. It's usually hours of trial and error and continual camera tweaks trying to get the right exposure, depth of field and light control. So when I see a picture like this I can appreciate what went into it. That, or it's a couple flashlights and pure luck (but hey, I appreciate that too). Regardless, this is a nice shot, and it's funny.

Seeking the ultimate weapon