A Master Class in Mecha

I've been laid up at home with an awful illness for the past week and a half, and to pass the time outside of LEGO I've been working on something I've wanted to try my hand at for a long time - a Mobile Suit Gundam master grade model kit. Thus, it seems serendipitous that Chris Darmawan finishes and posts this beauty during the height of my new obsession.

Cosmic Booster Type

Inspired by a Mobile Suit named "Tief Strumer," this beast looks positively wicked. There's so many cool details all over this thing, and the expertly sculpted head gives it a wonderfully sinister demeanor.

Cosmic Booster Type

Thank you, Mr. Darmawan, for adding yet another project to my never ending list of MOCs I want to try my hand at.

Review - LEGO Architecture Berlin 21027

Review - LEGO Architecture Berlin 21027

When Tommy asked me to provide a set review, I initially met it with trepidation. Outside of the occasional Star Wars UCS or Ideas set, I don't purchase sets to build the model within. I much prefer to salvage them for the delicious parts within. However, upon completing 21027 I was quite pleased with the experience. (Side Note: Receiving a package direct from Billund was a hell of a treat.)

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Lifting Microscale to New Heights

As a predominantly microscale builder, I love the challenge of making something instantly recognizable with as few pieces as possible. Builder Kosmas Santosa will tell you himself that he doesn't build much in this scale - but after seeing this Gondola I'm certain he should continue to try his hand at it. I see a total of 11 pieces here, not counting the string and background. Masterful work.

Ski Lift Gondola

Marchitecture Begins!

A new month within the AFOL community usually brings new challenges and contests, and I am personally rather excited for this new offering sponsored by SLUG from Saskatchewan! Marchitecture challenges us to build a microscale version of a real world building, in the style of the official TLG Architecture sets. Full contest rules can be found in the Flickr group.

First prize is a copy of 20128-1 New York City, so get building!

Marchitecture begins!

And the SHIPs come rolling in...

With only two days left in SHIPtember, we're starting to see completed SHIPs pull in to dock. Some of them, especially this beauty by LEGOLIZE IT MAN, are making the rest of us look like amateurs. This gorgeous battlecruiser utilizes some wonderful oddball color combinations, and really looks like it could dish out some serious punishment. If you haven't finished your own SHIP yet - get to it! There's only a day and a half left...