IG-88 Assassin Droid - Watch Out Meatbags!

IG-88 is arguably the deadliest Robot Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe. Eric Druon has updated his IG-88 robot MOC previously made in 2007. This super accurate build measures 40cm/16" tall and has plenty of articulation and great detailing. I love the bandolier, and am pleased to see the droids distinctive silhouette has been so faithfully reconstructed.

Younger readers may not remember IG-88 from the movies as he only has a very brief cameo in the Empire Strikes Back. He does also appear in an episode of the Disney Forces of Destiny episode "Bounty of Trouble".

I wonder if Holowan Laboratories are hiring if so Eric is a shoe in for their next vacancy!


IG-88 2017 Version