IG-88 Assassin Droid - Watch Out Meatbags!

IG-88 is arguably the deadliest Robot Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe. Eric Druon has updated his IG-88 robot MOC previously made in 2007. This super accurate build measures 40cm/16" tall and has plenty of articulation and great detailing. I love the bandolier, and am pleased to see the droids distinctive silhouette has been so faithfully reconstructed.

Younger readers may not remember IG-88 from the movies as he only has a very brief cameo in the Empire Strikes Back. He does also appear in an episode of the Disney Forces of Destiny episode "Bounty of Trouble".

I wonder if Holowan Laboratories are hiring if so Eric is a shoe in for their next vacancy!


IG-88 2017 Version

Bounty Hunters, We Don't Need Their Scum

This MOC, inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time, The Empire Strikes Back, make me happy and confused at the same time. Of course anything Star Wars gives me a warm fuzzy, so that explains the happiness. But why Bossk has been seemingly replaced by Han Solo is totally baffling to me. Explain yourself Burglarhobbit.

IDSMO-2014-R1-Bounty Hunters
IDSMO-2014-R1-Bounty Hunters

Update: It turns out part of the contest this was submitted to dictated that you include "yourself" in the MOC. So this is Burglarhobbit, dressed as Han Solo, making a cameo (I'm sure it still confused Vader to no end).