It's A Good Bet The Empire Knows We're Here

So there you are, on a barren, frozen world, having spend months carving out ice caves and trying to survive. You finally get everything just about how you need it and one of these things (brilliantly recreated by Lino M) shows up and blows everything. Probe droids, this is why we can’t have nice things (or secret bases).

Battle Of Hoth

The moment I looked at this excellent little Empire Strikes Back vignette by builder GolPlaysWithLego John Williams' phenomenal score started playing in my head. Then the scene played out in my imagination, and I was 12 again. This is part of the magic of LEGO and Star Wars, they just go together like peanut butter and toast (which is what I was eating when I wrote this, I'm a man-child).

Nanofigure-scaled AT-AT LEGO MOC v4.0
Nanofigure-scaled AT-AT LEGO MOC v4.0

Imperial Walkers On The North Ridge

The AT-AT is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles, always has been. And as many times as it has been portrayed in bricks, it never gets old. This midi-scale version (and it's AT-ST counterpart) by Rogue Bantha not only look amazing, but are photographed perfectly. The low angle makes it look huge and imposing, and the composition is very cinematic (albeit pan and scan).

imperial walkers on the north ridge

IG-88 Assassin Droid - Watch Out Meatbags!

IG-88 is arguably the deadliest Robot Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe. Eric Druon has updated his IG-88 robot MOC previously made in 2007. This super accurate build measures 40cm/16" tall and has plenty of articulation and great detailing. I love the bandolier, and am pleased to see the droids distinctive silhouette has been so faithfully reconstructed.

Younger readers may not remember IG-88 from the movies as he only has a very brief cameo in the Empire Strikes Back. He does also appear in an episode of the Disney Forces of Destiny episode "Bounty of Trouble".

I wonder if Holowan Laboratories are hiring if so Eric is a shoe in for their next vacancy!


IG-88 2017 Version

We've Spotted Imperial Walkers!

One of my favorite Star Wars vehicles in one of my favorite Star Wars scenes in one of my favorite Star Wars movies built out of my favorite construction toy. I still vividly recall seeing this for the first time with my grandmother, who kept asking who the bad guys were. All we need is a large painted backdrop, a snowscape (with trap doors) and some patience and we can animate an epic battle, who's with me? Nicely done dmaclego.

Cute little herd
Chin details
Rear assets - final version

Oh The Retro Feels

As a card carrying charter member of the 8-bit club (no, that's not a real thing) I have the deepest affection for this MOC by Burglarhobbit. When we popped in the cartridge for The Empire Strikes Back way back in 1980 we marveled at the graphics, they were so "lifelike". Oh those were simpler times. Fun fact, I still have the poster for this game rolled up in my garage, it's rad.