Who Are You Calling Chicken?

The AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) or “chicken walker” started it’s life in the Star Wars universe as a thing of legend. It was in a single shot in The Empire Strikes Back, blink and you missed it, and in the days before home video there were plenty of people who did. I remember heated debates of its existence among my nerdy friends shortly after the movie came out. Of course not long after it became a fan favorite, and when Jedi came out it featured prominently. This is version three by builder GolPlaysWithLego, and it gets better with each iteration.

Imperial Walkers On The North Ridge

The AT-AT is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles, always has been. And as many times as it has been portrayed in bricks, it never gets old. This midi-scale version (and it's AT-ST counterpart) by Rogue Bantha not only look amazing, but are photographed perfectly. The low angle makes it look huge and imposing, and the composition is very cinematic (albeit pan and scan).

imperial walkers on the north ridge

We Don't Call Them "Chicken Walkers" For Nothing

The Imperial All-Terrain Scount Transport, aka AT-ST, aka Chicken Walker, has some seriously scrawny legs, which is precisely why it has such an unfortunate nickname. But it also gives it a distinct look, and that look is hard to capture in LEGO, at least with dependable standing AND pose ability (you can pick one). This version by Rogue Bantha is in midi scale, and captures the scrawniness in perfect form.


Merry Christmas From Hoth

This is a delightful holiday surprise. One of the most celebrated alternative LEGO photographers, Avanaut, is back from his hiatus. And what a lovely return it is. This tells the story of TK-24/7 on a lonely, but quite agreeable patrol mission on Hoth. Who would have thought a AT-ST could be so tranquil?

The Two Legged Camper