Roll A D20 To See If You Spring The Trap...

I didn't play much D&D when I was a teen, our preference was Aftermath and Traveller, but I played enough for this MOC by Galaktek to get me right in the nostalgia feels. Join the adventure of a party of four as they descend deeper and deeper on the search for treasure. Click through for a full room by room quest, it's pretty epic.

Old Skool D&D: Mystery of Mariner's Manor

Adventure's End

I instantly thought of two things when I saw this absolutely brilliant MOC by Paddy Bricksplitter, the old Adventurer's Club at Disney's Pleasure Island in Orlando (kungaloosh!) and one of my favorite all-time jokes which I won't tell here (it really needs to be heard, not read). There's so much to love here I don't know where to start, I'll just invite you all to take in all that detail and backstory, there were some excellent adventures indeed.

Adventures End

You Enter A Large Chamber...

The torch light reveals little in the way of decorations or furniture as you cautiously enter. You cast your eyes about the room and see two skeletons, one hanging from the wall, this room has seen death. The pungent scent of decay and neglect burns your nose as you hear the faint drips of an unseen leak. A quick check for trap doors reveals nothing, so you continue your search. In a dark corner there's a chest... 

Dungeon Group Shot
Loot Times
Dungeon main