The Epic Climax Of Return Of The Jedi

Spoiler alert, the Empire has built a second Death Star. And what do you do when the Empire builds a large doomsday machine? You blow it up. This excellent MOC by builder did b depicts the epic battle at the climax of ROTJ, where three simultaneous conflicts happen, Luke fights Darth Vader, the rebel fleet takes on the Imperial fleet, and a bunch of teddy bears kick some stormtrooper butt. And of course Lando and Wedge fly right into the Death Star, and cause just a little havoc.

I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing

It's a Star Warsriffic morning here at BrickNerd, and I'm totally ok with that. This interior diorama by Boba-1980 is so clean that it's actually deceptive. There's a whole lot of detail and clever building going on here, in a compact and wonderful recreation from an iconic scene from the greatest movie of all time (my opinion of course, but your argument is invalid).


The Trench Run

OliveSeon doesn't do anything on a small scale, and this epic MOC of the last moments of the battle of Yavin is evidence of that. This thing is nearly six feet wide! I love the captured action and sense of motion in this, I can practically hear the trumpets of John Williams' score and the sound of the ships. I do think the surface detail is a bit too dense in the trench though, I think if it had been a little more accurate it could have transitioned better to the forced perspective background of the MOC (which is brilliant by the way).

That's No Moon...

As we settle in for Star Wars Day Eve (that's a thing, isn't it?) I take a random glance at my Flickr feed and was delighted to discover this, the Friends Star from pricey73! It seems to be the absolute polar opposite of it's Imperial counterpart in all ways with the exception of shape. But really, who would build a giant space station that's shaped like a cube?

A Galaxy To Build

Chris McVeigh has updated the instructions for his Star Wars inspired ornaments. Most are PaB compatible and all are adorable. Let's face it, your tree is naked without these. You don't want a naked tree do you? Aunt Doris is coming over and the neighbors can see it through the window. Go there, get these.

Updated Guides Available

Big Models, Motion Control Cameras And Optical Printing

While pondering what to title this post, and what to write right here, I became seriously nostalgic for some good old fashion visual effects. When men were men and we blew stuff up. I also realized it's been way too long since I've screened ROTJ, so if you'll excuse me, I have some movie watching to do.