Pit Droid

It's become somewhat cool to dis the Star Wars prequels, but I was doing it before it was cool. While The Phantom Menace is arguably the worst of the three, it does have a few redeeming qualities, and these little dudes are one of them. Pit Droids, like this one from nobu_tary, were maintenance robots in the pit areas of pod racers. But they're skills just may have extended past that, because that scene was one of the other redeeming qualities of the film...coincidence?

DUM-series pit droid

Podracer Engine

There were very few redeeming values in Episode 1 (none of which make Jar Jar tolerable) but one was the pod race. In fact I remember going to see it again in a theater near me and getting up and leaving after the race. This engine by Nannan Z captures the essence of the racers themselves, power and simplicity. Just two bigass engines with a seat attached, that's racing.

Podracer engine

Coruscant Graffiti

I wouldn't normally post a digital model, but I'll make an exception for this baby. I know that the designers took direct inspiration from hotrods when designing the speeders for EP1, so it seems fitting that it should come full circle. Or as Vader would say "the circle is now complete". I can see this parked in front of Mel's, waiting for a milkshake to be delivered by droid.

Speeder Rod - Star Wars Episode II