Yub Nub

Ah Ewoks, those cuddly little teddy bears that overthrew an empire (or at least helped). Love them or hate them, you have to admit they're better than gungans. Builder LEGO 7 likes them, and I don't mind them, and I really don't mind this pretty spiffy little MOC featuring them. And before you start complaining that they're just cute little fuzzy critters, I'll remind you they fully intended to EAT Han and Luke, think about that.

Ewoks Family

Porg: The Other White Meat

Porgs, they are primed and ready to be a love it/hate it aspect of Star Wars The Last Jedi. I for one think they are kinda cute, but am honestly a bit leery. But I swore to reserve judgement until I see the movie, and I will. Regardless if you love them or hate them, you gotta admit they're probably good eatin', at least ewoks think so (and so does Ochre Jelly).


Yub Nub

It's so nice to have Star Wars on the forefront of pop culture again. With The Force Awakens just a few months away and what should be a Star Wars-riffic SDCC coming next week we're getting to fever pitch time. So it's the perfect moment to get more "cuddly" with perhaps not my favorite of characters in the saga, but at least they're original trilogy, the Ewoks. Here's Wicket by Nobu_tary.


Yub Nub

Love em or hate em, you have to admit, ewoks are quintessential Star Wars. And since they are original trilogy, I'm ok with them. Of course Wicket is the only real memorable ewok, having some time on screen to actually develop a personality. Speaking of personality, this Wicket MOC by Bruce Lowell is oozing with it (or is that ewok musk?)

LEGO Wicket the Ewok