Porg, It's What's For Dinner.

We're not about spoilers here at BrickNerd, so we won't go into much detail about this humorous Star Wars The Last Jedi MOC by Brandon Griffith. Let's just say there are many porgs, and they might be good eating, we're not sure. Love them or hate them, they're in the movie, and the toy aisle, and the clothing department, and the groceries...

PORG & Chewy's Dinner

Porg: The Other White Meat

Porgs, they are primed and ready to be a love it/hate it aspect of Star Wars The Last Jedi. I for one think they are kinda cute, but am honestly a bit leery. But I swore to reserve judgement until I see the movie, and I will. Regardless if you love them or hate them, you gotta admit they're probably good eatin', at least ewoks think so (and so does Ochre Jelly).