Get Building!

There's two new contests that have been announced. First for you car enthusiasts out there LUGnuts is having it's 100th challenge! They're asking you to take on the task of building a randomly assigned car based on the number you give them between 1-100 and they have some killer prizes. Next up is Space Chefs, where you are being challenged to build either a "Cosmic kitchen" or a "Space Chefs on the go" vehicle. Also with some fabulous prizes.

Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, it's also FebRovery.

Pimp Rey's Speeder!

Those outstanding humans at The Brothers Brick have a new contest going challenging you to pimp Rey's speeder, and they're giving away some really cool stuff. What better way to celebrate the awakening of the force? Head over to the official Flickr group for all the rules and details and get building!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself, Nerdly needed to get in on that action. And it serves double duty as a completely disqualified entry to NERDvember!

Nerdly Speeder


I'm super excited about the LEGO Ideas Wall•E set. It's a favorite Pixar character of mine, it's designed by my friend Angus MacLane and a completely awesome model. Well, my pals at The Brothers Brick managed to get their grubby little paws on one (don't ask me how, I don't know the details but I understand lemur sacrifice might have played a role) and have an exclusive review of it! Click through for your first peek at this amazing new model.

Chibi Micro Contest

Our pals at The Brothers Brick are running a really cool contest right now, with some awesome prizes. They challenge you to build a chibi micro vehicle from your favorite movie, TV or LEGO theme. I can think of a slew of vehicles I'd build (hope I can find time). Head over to TBB for more details and break out the bricks!

First prize: Exclusive Fan Expo Ghost Starship with Kannan Jarrus #460 (donated by TBB) + Set of Star Wars Microfighters (donated by TLG)
Second prize: Choice of 4 Star Wars Microfighters (donated by TLG)
Third prize: Two Star Wars Microfighters (donated by TLG)

Happy Birthday Brothers Brick!

The fine humans at TBB were some of the first friends I made when I jumped into the AFOL scene back in 2009. They showed me just how awesome the people of this community are and made me feel very welcome. I look forward to seeing them every year at BrickCon and I've been visiting their website at least once a day for years. Today they celebrate their 9th birthday, let's all sing along....

Happy Birthday Brothers Brick!

It has been eight years since the first post on TBB, and what an eventful eight years it has been. TBB was one of the first websites I found when I was discovering that I wasn't the only adult playing with LEGO ("adult" used here as a measurement of time, not maturity). They've been a source of inspiration and information for years and they're nothing less than awesome. Happy B-Day TBB!