Munsin Class Escort Frigate

There's been an awakening. Have you felt it? That's right! SHIPtember is just around the corner and noblebun is warming up their shipbuilding skills with this fantastic frigate. I've got to say, I love the angles and all, but what really catches my eye is the use of copper elements, especially that arc reactor looking engine in the back. This ship would definitly make Tony Stark proud. 

Munsin Class Escort Frigate
Munsin Class Escort Frigate


Sometimes being separated from your brick collection can be a hardship, sometimes it can be a source of alternate inspiration. Builder Nuju Metru built this over the holidays while away from his usual bricks, and the results are stunning. It's also a departure from his usual building style, which I think is fantastic. Never let a lack of resources limit your creativity.

Class 8 Frigate "Agamemnon"
"Agamemnon" Schematics

ETNAK Class Frigate

Yes, SHIPtember is here. For the uninitiated among you, this is the time of year when you are challenged to build a SHIP (Seriously Heavy Investment in Parts), a space cruiser of 100 studs length (or more). It's the time of year when large space ships pop up every day and we can all collectively drool at some serious building skills, like this magnificent, multi-faceted frigate by builder FLAVIO, spectacular.

ETNAK class frigate


This jaw-dropping sailing ship by redmondej is hands down the single most magnificent minifig scale frigate I've ever seen. It's absolutely enormous, stunningly beautiful and mind-bogglingly detailed. The rigging alone is so intricate that you'd swear it's fully functional. And it's not just a pretty shell, it has three fully detailed decks inside. I truly hope I get to see this thing in person some day, it's gorgeous. Get yourself a snack, find a comfortable place to sit and click here for many, many more pictures, including details of the interior, vignettes and behind the scenes details.

His Majesty's Frigate Enterprize
HMS Enterprize - Forecastle
HMS Enterprize - Decks Overview
HMS Enterprize - The Fighting Top
HMS Enterprize - A Glorious Chance!
HMS Enterprize & The Brick Bounty