La Saignante

This post is one week early for international talk like a pirate day (no really, look it up, it's a thing), so I'll avoid any cheesy "arrggs" and "avasts" and just present this absolutely wonderful pirate ship by builder Kloou. This lovely craft has three masts, a functional crane, fully decked out interior and fourteen guns. She's a formidable vessel you don't want to see approaching on the high sea.

Pirate ship : La Saignante
Pirate ship : La Saignante
Pirate ship : La Saignante
Pirate ship : La Saignante


This jaw-dropping sailing ship by redmondej is hands down the single most magnificent minifig scale frigate I've ever seen. It's absolutely enormous, stunningly beautiful and mind-bogglingly detailed. The rigging alone is so intricate that you'd swear it's fully functional. And it's not just a pretty shell, it has three fully detailed decks inside. I truly hope I get to see this thing in person some day, it's gorgeous. Get yourself a snack, find a comfortable place to sit and click here for many, many more pictures, including details of the interior, vignettes and behind the scenes details.

His Majesty's Frigate Enterprize
HMS Enterprize - Forecastle
HMS Enterprize - Decks Overview
HMS Enterprize - The Fighting Top
HMS Enterprize - A Glorious Chance!
HMS Enterprize & The Brick Bounty

De Ruyter

I don't know all that much about tall ships, but I know I like them. And I especially like this vessel by Swan Dutchman. It's not exactly what you would call 'purist', with non LEGO sails and rigging. But sometimes you need to go beyond the official elements when there's an aesthetic and accuracy you're going for. And in this case, they almost outshine the bricks, gorgeous! The photography and processing is top notch too, this is the total package.