Hangar #5

Of course when you have a huge mech you're going to need an even huger hanger to maintain it. Last week we featured Benjamin Cheh's awesome Palawan mech, well here's the jaw-dropping space where it stays in top shape. It features 4 Mechanical arms (2 attached to the walls and 2 on the beam), LTV Formica (Light Transport Vehicle) 2 GP containers, articulating boom lifts, 4 walkways, 4 LED lights, rack of missiles and a walkway platform with 2 hidden robotic arms for minor repairs.

Hangar NO.5 Diorama Maintenance_02
Hangar NO.5 Diorama Maintenance x AMS JE06 JEBAT "PAHLAWAN"

Guardian Arrives

Here's a little dose of neo classic space goodness, in the form of a huge mech from builder SweStar to compliment his already spectacular hangar. I love the classic color scheme on this beast, with it's yellow cockpit and blue details. And of course there's the hangar itself, which is already an impressive environment populated with really cool stuff. That giant classic space logo is an awesome touch too.

Guardian arrives