There are very few things that are more American than NASCAR races. Hopping on the couch with a soda in one hand and the remote in the other, watching grown men drive cars in loops, one left turn after another, and secretly hoping to see a highly entertaining car wreck. But replace those cars with speeders and now you’re onto something! PigletCiamek has created NALSAR which is sure to satisfy your desire for speed and danger. Now THIS is podracing!

01 Landspeeder Polie

The Grisly Fate Of Owen And Beru

When the Jawas stopped at the Lars homestead on that fateful day, Luke Skywalker could not have imagined how much his life was going to change. Literally the next day Luke loses EVERYTHING, his aunt and uncle, his home, everything. All he was left with was a landspeeder (which he had to sell immediately) two droids (one of which insisted he belonged to someone else) and the clothes on his back. This poingnat scene, expertly recreated in bricks by Ochre Jelly, is a pivotal moment in Lukes life.

Burn Notice: A Star Wars Story

Wanna Race?

I'm sure there's some psudospecs somewhere about the top speed of both of these vehicles, but I'm not going to bother researching it. I know both the landspeeder and speeder bike are fast, but we've never seen them on screen together, so I like to imagine a small wager being placed here, perhaps for a couple droids. Nice build Mad physicist.

Star Wars vehicles and figures

UCS Landspeeder

When we walked out of the theater as kids after seeing Star Wars, every one of us had a new wish list. Some wanted a lightsaber, some wanted Stormtooper armor, we all wanted Princess Leia as a girlfriend. This was on my new list, Luke's Landspeeder. This version by fresh-out-of-his-dark-ages Aaron Fiskum is a beauty, measuring in at over 22 inches long, it has proper UCS scale and detail. And it can be a reality with your support.