A Seriously Armed Canard

When you hear “pusher canard” I’m sure a certain percentage of you would think “huh?”, the rest of you are plane geeks. This rear propeller (pusher) aircraft with front mounted elevator (canard) from builder Red Spacecat is ready for some serious sky warfare. With enough firepower to orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger, this looks ready for total sky domination.

A-3B Skywarrior

I have undeniable ties to the US Navy. My father served and so did my father-in-law. While my dad  never talked much about his service, my wife's father told me some very interesting stories about being a radar operator on an S2F Tracker. If I had to guess, there were at least a few of these A-3Bs on the aircraft carrier as well. Builder Mad Physicist has done it again with a large scale aircraft of one of the Navy's largest aircraft (they didn't call it "the whale" for nothing). It's loaded with details including foldable wings, articulated air brakes and an opening escape hatch. Ralph has also loaded the descriptions of numerous photos (including WIP) with loads of history, click through to learn more about this often overlooked aircraft.

A-3B Skywarrior of VAH-6 Fleurs
A-3B Skywarrior of VAH-6 Fleurs

Chibi Air Superiority

This is a fun little forced perspective and chibi vignette by builder Klikstyle. It featured the last biplane to see official use by the US Navy, the Grumman F3. And while I say chibi, the F3F-2 has the distinction of actually being pretty chibi in real life, with it's squat fuselage, tucked in landing gear it's got cartoony but endearing proportions, earning it the nickname "beer barrel".

F-3 3 s
F-3 (Plane Back) s

Me 109

The messershmidt Bf-109 is as iconic a WWII aircraft as you can get. I don't want to glorify war, but that was a golden age of aviation, and both the axis and the allies both stepped up with some major innovation. This version, and updated model by Daniel Siskind, can actually be yours in the near future from Brickmania.

Messerschmitt Bf-109
Messerschmitt Bf-109


The Corsair is one of my favorite WWII fighters. Which, now that I write that, seems an odd thing to say. I'm sure being a fan of Baa Baa Black Sheep when I was a kid factors in, but declaring "this is one of my favorite machines of war" does seem like a strange utterance. I am a bit of an aviation buff though, and gull wing design has always appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities. This smartly crafted MOC by Sydag hits all the right notes of proportion, contour and color, it's lovely.

F4U-5 Corsair - Suez Crisis
F4U-5 Corsair - Wings Folded