A Seriously Armed Canard

When you hear “pusher canard” I’m sure a certain percentage of you would think “huh?”, the rest of you are plane geeks. This rear propeller (pusher) aircraft with front mounted elevator (canard) from builder Red Spacecat is ready for some serious sky warfare. With enough firepower to orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger, this looks ready for total sky domination.

Afrika Korps

I'm not sure what inspired builder Red2 to build this WWII German Prime Mover, but I'm glad he did. Not that I'm a fan of nazis (they were a bunch of mass-murdering buttheads) but they certainly could invade a country in style huh? This is basically a half-track parade vehicle, for when you want to make a big entrance, but might have to do it over sand.

Afrika Korps - Sd Kfz 7.
Afrika Korps - Sd Kfz 7.

Battle Of Nuenen

There's a level of realism and subtle detail in this MOC by ekjohnson1 that it looks a lot like a film miniature, and that's probably why it resonates so strongly with me. There's no garish colors, no overdone dramatic elements, no awkwardly staged battle, just a realistic layout and convincing details. Subtle things like the slight angles to the trees, power lines and the breakup of large areas with just the right amount of detail contribute to a stellar diorama.

Battle of Nuenen 1944 BFVA 2016

Get to Da Choppa!

Is that quote too cliche to use? Nah, I'll go with it. This sweet UN chopper by Guy Smiley is definitely the Arnold Schwarzenegger of helicopters. It's big, beefy, and could probably pulverize anything smaller than an elephant. The shaping of the fuselage is very nicely done, and the custom stickers really make it feel authentic. This beast also has some great realistic details, like the winch and the dual engines above the cockpit.


The Schirrmeisterei

The Brick Time team continues to add beautiful structures to their fictional town of Dunholmincluding their latest creation, the Schirrmeisterei. I'll admit that I had no idea what a Schirrmeisterei was, I naturally assumed that it was some sort of horse stable, but thanks to the magic of the interwebs I was able to clear up that misconception quickly. Turns out a Schirrmeisterei is a military supply office of sorts. This supply office makes a great use of the one of my favorite LEGO color combinations, dark stone grey, reddish brown, dark brown on a sand yellow base.

Dunholm - Schirrmeisterei