Flying Camera

What costs a lot of money, sounds like a swarm of angry hornets and really shouldn't be used near airports? Drones, or more accurately quad copters (drones implies autonomous, they aren't). I have one of these things languishing in my garage (there's only so many aerial views of my culdesac I need) but it required a lot less skill to put together than this offering by vitreolum, and it makes a lot more noise.


This UAV Will Hunt You Down

This near-future UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) by Red Spacecat is sleek and intimidating. I definitely wouldn't want to get on the bad side of whoever owns this thing. The build, which is a redesign of another UAV, looks very realistic and definitely feels like it could be a real-life weapon in a few years from now. I really dig the color scheme, too: the dark blue and white combine really nicely with the yellow accents.