Afrika Korps

I'm not sure what inspired builder Red2 to build this WWII German Prime Mover, but I'm glad he did. Not that I'm a fan of nazis (they were a bunch of mass-murdering buttheads) but they certainly could invade a country in style huh? This is basically a half-track parade vehicle, for when you want to make a big entrance, but might have to do it over sand.

Afrika Korps - Sd Kfz 7.
Afrika Korps - Sd Kfz 7.

Siege Of The Royal Castle

I find medieval warfare fascinating. Can you imagine what it was like to wrap your body in a metal suit and storm a giant building made of rock? Just to have arrows fired at you, boiling oil dropped on you or have another guy in a metal suit come at you with a ginormous sword? I'd be dead in moments I'm sure. Builders like Disco86 help us imagine what it was like with stellar builds like this. A little snapshot of time, of a larger place and larger battle. See that guy falling off the wall? That's me. 

Siege of the Royal Castle