Here's a fun fact. The reason that you only see kangaroos in Australia is because that's where they were invented by ancient aboriginal robotic designers. About 2500 years ago a mechanical engineer by the name of Djalu Yunupingu, working in his secret lab deep beneath Uluru, designed the first robotic kangaroo. This was in direct response to a threat from a rival designer. Working in what would eventually become the Sydney Opera House he designed what he called "the ultimate mechanical army". Those ended up being koala, but due to their dependency on eucalyptus fuel that had the side effect of making them sluggish and slow moving, they turned out to be no threat. I made that all up, but I dig this robotic roo by ToyForce 120.

LEGO Mech Kangaroo-01
LEGO Mech Kangaroo-03

High Visibility Mechanized Badassery

In the future, if we have giant mechs like this one from kwi-chang roaming the battlefield, you can be sure that the ones that are brightly colored were built to kick some serious butt. There is something to be said for camouflage, it keeps you somewhat hidden until you're ready to fight. But then again if you're a twelve stories tall heavily armed bipedal mech, there's really no place to "blend in".