Maggie & Snowball

Since The Simpsons has been on the air in some form over 30 years, does that qualify Maggie as the world's oldest baby? Builder grubaluk not only put together two spot-on caricatures, but Maggie is also fully remote controlled! Using an S-brick, two Power Functions L motors and a Power Functions servo motor, she can totally surf the sidewalks.

RC Maggie and Snowball II

Getting Around Springfield

For the past week builder 6kyubi6 has been uploading an entire fleet of vehicles from The Simpsons as part of his "Springfield Project". All manner of conveyance is here, and there seems to be no end in sight, but after 26 seasons on the air there's plenty of material to draw from. My personal favorite is the U-Break-It van. Click through for many more as well as a whole slew of cool buildings as well.

Marge's Car
Otto's School Bus
Kang & Kodos
Chef Wiggum's Police Car
U-Break-It Van Rental
Snake's Firebird


Hanging out at the convenience store is a way of life. I hate to think how many times I've passed through the doors of all the 7 Elevens, QuickTrips and Am Pm's in my life. And our beloved Springfield wouldn't be the same without Kwik-E-Mart. Where else are you going to get over-priced beef jerky and a Squishee? This one was lovingly and expertly built by 6kyubi6, and it's pretty much perfect.


Epic Springfield Is Epic

If you were fortunate enough to attend Brickworld Chigago (I wasn't, sad face) then you had the opportunity to drool on this in real life. I'll have to settle for drooling on this desk here in my hotel room (don't tell housekeeping, that's gross). While taking on Carl Merriam in an incredible round of Iron Builder the great Pepa Quin built The Android's Dungeon from The Simpsons, and it all sort of happened from there.

Springfield, USA
Worst. Creation. Ever.
Springfield, USA
Springfield, USA