Yellow Crane Tower

I don’t know much about this creation. It’s from builder Smoker, has no description and the image names are just alphanumeric strings. The only reason I know the name is because there’s an album name and I’m familiar with the tower that inspired this build. What I do know is this is an absolute masterpiece, an incredibly intricate example of classic Chinese architecture and as beautiful as the tower that inspired it.

The Tower

This tower has an interesting story. It started as a dark creepy tower, but over the month or so builder MinifigNick worked on it it magically morphed. I’ve endured a UK winter, and I know exactly what Nick means when he says it was an “antidote to the dark wet winter evenings”. LEGO was my therapy when I was there too, it has pretty magical healing properties.

Tower Of Lothern

If eyes are the windows to the soul, are doors the window to the...wait a minute, buildings have actual windows, that doesn't work. How about the way to a man's, that's silly. I like the door on this tower...yeah, that's pretty lame too. It's just amazing to me how there can be so many details in a diorama, but most of the time there's just one thing you hone in on, in this case it's the door of this lovely tower by Dwalin Forkbeard.

Tower of Lothern
White Lion Bodyguard

Crouching Triangles, Hidden Hotdogs

I've seen the famed Hearst Tower in real life, and while this brilliant micro scale recreation from builder Dan_Sto isn't as shiny, the real one doesn't have hotdogs integral to it's structure. Think about that the next time you're wandering in Manhattan. Luckily there's usually there's a hotdog cart for the inevitable craving.

NY Hearst Tower (AVG)

Thanks for the head's up Vince

Caer Caradoc

This one might ruffle a few feathers of the purists out there. No, there's no Kreo or Mega infiltrating this amazing MOC by Derfel Cadarn, but there is a little non-LEGO present. Some of the vines and creepers you see are actually fishing tackle. But it's used to such great effect and only as a subtle decoration, I'll implore the more emphatic out there to grant him a pass, this thing is gorgeous.

Caer Caradoc