The Tower

This tower has an interesting story. It started as a dark creepy tower, but over the month or so builder MinifigNick worked on it it magically morphed. I’ve endured a UK winter, and I know exactly what Nick means when he says it was an “antidote to the dark wet winter evenings”. LEGO was my therapy when I was there too, it has pretty magical healing properties.

Charming Cottage, Room For Eight*

Tired of the hustle bustle life in a crowded village? Try the rural lifestyle! This charming cottage in the northern Black Forest region offers scenic views, wholesome living and easy access to a nearby mine. Many amenities including a full kitchen, carved wooden details and decorative pipe organ. See agent Cesbrick for details.

*seven of the beds are half size

Just like a doll's house

Tropical Shores

I was fortunate enough to view this impressive tropical island pirate MOC in an earlier iteration at BrickCon. It's a collaborative build by Takkata1 and ForlornEmpire and it's pretty spectacular. There's little touches and fun back story everywhere you look, but that temple entrance is a total scene stealer. Check out the video for a time lapse of it's construction and to see the moving features in action.

Collab: Tropical Shores

Jungle Temple

I've never actually seen a pyramid, and to tell the truth I've never actually felt the need to. It's not that I don't appreciate ancient engineering, or have anything against the cultures that created them, it's because I'm from the central coast of California. This means I don't do hot, I don't do cold, and I don't do humidity. And it seems that everywhere pyramids are, that's what's around them. Just look at this marvelous jungle pyramid by builder MassEditor. You can practically hear the bugs, feel the sweat dripping down your back and smell the damp jungle air. I think I'll stick to The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland as a suitable substitute (then grab a Dole Whip, because it gets hot in Anaheim too).

Jungle Temple