Hulk Vs Wolverine

A long time trope in the nerdasphere is "who would win in a fight..." The match-ups are always interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the passionate arguments from either camp. Take this pairing of Hulk vs Wolverine by builder icare_25. Team Hulk will go on about his super strength and unbound rage. Then team Wolverine will cite super healing and prattle on about adamantium claws. And while all this was going on I got the last slice of pizza.

Hulk vs Wolverine 01

The Incredible Hulk

Hulk, have you been juicing?  Hitting the bricks lately?  Don't get me wrong, you look good.  In fact, I prefer a brick-built look to the standard bigfig.  He's mean, he's green, he's got motion, he's got personality, and wow is he big!  And just look at those pecs and abs.  LEGO bricks seems to be the way to go for that summer body.

If you think this Hulk is incredible, then you definitely have to check out Flickr user Nicolas PICOT's other brick-built figures.

The incredible HULK 02

Comic Bricks Coming To Designer Con

Some of the nerdiest and coolest LEGO artists are banding together to bring a unique art display to Designer Con 2014, Comic Bricks! One-of-a-kind MOCs inspired by classic and contemporary comic book covers like this totally awesome HULK cover by Monsterbrick. I've signed on to create one (this was before I started working 12 hour days, 6 day weeks on a film) and I really wish I could get to my studio to start building. Designer Con will be in Pasadena Nov 8-9 and will also have a full STUDS display as in years past. Please join us!

I remember when comics were 30 cents

Defending The City

I'm not sure of the details on this MOC, I think it's a collaborative build but there's no description. I am sure it's friggin' awesome though. It's an epic battle with multiple fights involving several super heroes. There's tons going on here so you'll have to click through and check out some of the closeups. My favorite details are the "o" from the hotel smashing the car and the street damage where Superman is having the smack down put on him (I'm sure he'll win in the end)

Avengers Assemble(d)

I've never been all that much into comics, but there were certainly specific characters I enjoyed as a kid. Iron Man and Spiderman were my favorites. But I was always a bit baffled when characters from different comics were mashed together, I just didn't get it. For instance Justice League left me wondering why the hell Aqua Man was there. It wasn't until I saw Avengers that I understood how that union could really work, and work it did. Now Joel Baker has assembled (get it?) his own team in CudeDude form.

Avengers Heroes Cube Dudes