Tale As Old As Time

Builder M<0><0>DSWIM imagines the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast with a little less romance and a lot more machine oil. Meet Belle and the Beast, two mobile suits that are turning this story on it's head. I do have to wonder how it might be possible for beast to imprison her in his castle, I think she'd just kick his ass. 

MFS-04 Bison

If I had to pick one word to describe this new mech from Moko, it would have to be "beefy". Just look at the lines on this, the mass, the strength. This is the sort of machine you go into battle with, clomping headlong into the fray. And judging by the firepower on this, it's going to pack a wollup. The color scheme is also very nice, all that olive green gives this a definite military feel.

MFS-04 Bison

MS Girl: Tantive IV Gundam 2

OK, bear with me here, this takes a little explanation. There's this Gundam sub-theme where you imagine cute anime girls wearing your favorite mobile suit as armor. But Kevin Ryhal has taken this to the next level by going Star Wars with it. So this is an anime version of Leia wearing the Tantive IV as armor, get it? And if that's all just too much to wrap your head around, hey look cleavage!