LiveBuild LEGO 75244 Tantive IV


It’s Star Wars Day!!!! And what better way to celebrate than to build the latest super awesome LEGO set, the Tantive IV! You may know it as the rebel blockade runner, or perhaps as the original “smuggler ship” (yup, this was the original Millennium Falcon) and we’re going to build it live starting at 9am PST. Tune in to either our YouTube channel or head over to our sister site Nerds&Makers’ Twitch Channel.

See you then!!!


BrickNerd Live Build - Caterham Seven

I've only ever seen a Caterham Seven in the wild once, at a mall in Irvine CA, but I was instantly smitten. Of course I've seen Caterham cars on TopGear many time, but seeing it in person was different. It's an unusual beast, with a energy even when parked. Well now I get to build one, and you should join me while I do it. It's guaranteed 13% more exciting than watching bananas discolor in real-time. Building starts at 10am PST, see you then!