The Disney Wonder And Extended Fish

At this very moment I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Diego with my family, waiting for our boarding time for the Disney Wonder cruise ship. We love cruising Disney, and do so fairly often. One of the things we do to bring even more magic to the journey is participate in “fish extenders”, a sort of secret gift exchange. Outside every stateroom is a fish emblem that is used to deliver messages, participants bring little multi-pocket hangers to hang on the fish (thereby extending it, get it?). You sign up to a group before you depart and bring gifts to drop off for others, and in turn find little surprises in yours every time you come back to your room. One of the gifts we’ve given away is this little model kit of the boat I designed. Well, I’d like to share a little bit of that magic with you, so for this weekend only you can download the instructions for this model for free! Click here to grab them, bon voyage!


Happy New Year!

2017 was certainly a bumpy year, but overall a good one for BrickNerd. The blog audience has grown, we did several animation projects including three for TLG, we visited Portugal and attended Parades do Coura, went to BrickCon, met so many fellow LEGO enthusiasts and built the Millennium Falcon with Adam Savage and the team at Of course this was while the political environment in the US was in total chaos, the world has gone sorta bonkers and The Last Jedi made us go "huh". I think LegoKlyph has the right idea, and reminds us that 2018 is a chance for a fresh start. Here's to a fabulous new year! 


Merry Christmas From BrickNerd!


I know it's a bit cliche, but it really is my favorite time of year. Santa came last night, my stocking is full of all kinds of goodies and there's loads of presents under my tree. I hope he brought you all joy as well. Now it's time for some tea, Christmas carols and some presents. I'd like to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas and hope this holiday finds you happy and healthy.