Diner Mini Modular

I really dig the mini modular scale. The original set is one of my favorite sets of all time, and I still have it together. In fact, you’ll find it in the background of a great many of the animations at BrickNerd Studios, it’s perfect for forced perspective. This mini version of the diner by Swan Dutchman would make a perfect addition to the set too. It’s amazingly accurate to the proportions and colors of the original, including the signage on the front, isn’t that spiffy?

Al's Space Diner

You really can't go wrong with a 50's style diner aesthetic, even in space. Who could resist stopping here for some lunch and a milkshake? Sure you might need to get to some distant system for a intergalactic meeting or something, but do you really want to do it on an empty stomach? Drop by Al's Space Diner by Priovit70 and grab some grub. Great, now I'm craving a hot dog.

UPDATE: Credit where credit is due. This is a heavily modified (spacified?) diner model from the fine folks at BrickBuildersPro.

Al's space diner - photo
Al's space diner - video

Burger, Fries, Lemon Coke Please...

I've stated my weakness for a classic greasy spoon diner here before. So it's no mystery why I find this latest Iron Builder MOC from Pepa Quin so appealing. But this goes beyond just sentiment here, this is an outstanding build. Look at the simulated seams in the upholstery done with half stud offsets, the classic metal bands around the benches, the bolts on the base of the table and the condiments, this is stunning work.

Diner Table

Dex's Diner

I find myself conflicted on this this MOC by cecilihf. My dislike of the prequels is well documented, and this is from Episode II. But it's one of the better scenes in my opinion, if for no other reason than it's such a novel location. I'm a big fan of diners too, I probably get that from my grandpa Chet, he lived in diners. As a MOC, it's a fantastic build, with clean lines and clever techniques. If it wasn't populated by silly, over exaggerated CGI aliens, I would totally eat here.

Dex's Diner