Meow & Squeak

I can’t say I totally understand this moc by builder DOGOD brick Design, but I like it. For one I’m a cat lover, and of course I’m into LEGO. But mostly I think it’s because I get to write the following sentence: Check out Emmet in his mouse mech riding a cat who has a powerful lamp on his head. I’ll likely never assemble that set of words in that order again.

It's A Miss, It's Totally A Miss

And once again Ochre Jelly is all over a meme before I’ve even heard of it (and truly, I could have lived without it). I don’t know the origin of this, what it’s based on, who this lass is or anything. And I feel a headache would follow any attempt at research so I’ll just post this and remain willfully ignorant of this one Iain.

The Perfect Thing To Ring In The New Year

As we transition from 2018 to 2019 I’m thinking this siege tower by W Navarre is sort of the perfect MOC to represent it. Because I don’t care who you are, everyone seems to think they’re under attack. From the silliest online debates of what Grover said to countries being held hostage by political maneuvering, everything feels like an assault. I’m an optimist by nature, so I’m going to remain hopeful that we can pull our collective heads out of our collective rear ends and start building a future instead of endlessly squabbling. Lets use this tower as a really sweet diving platform and have a pool party okay?