Confession time, I’ve never seen Sleeping Beauty. Yes, as big a Disney nerd as I am, I’ve never seen it, at least in it’s entirety. I know the whole story, mostly I think, but I’ve never watched it. Despite that I have a genuine appreciation for this lovely interpretation of it’s title character Aurora (aka Briar Rose) by builder retinence. By the way, why doesn’t Aurora have a last name?

Monsters Inc. We Scare, Because We Care.

Who says monsters have to be scary. Have you ever seen an angler fish? Those are scary, and they’re just fish. I prefer my monsters to be blue collar regular joes just doing their part. Meet James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, the top scare team at Monsters Inc by builder Palixa And The Bricks. Oh, and that short one is Boo, she’s not exactly supposed to be here.

Midnight Snack

Even the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy gets a little peckish in the middle of the night. Luckily he keeps his Han Solo in carbonite fridge stocked with ice cold bantha milk according to builder storm TK431. Which makes me wonder, do you suppose you could make eggnog with bantha milk? I know it’s not traditional, and sorta clashes with the red and green motif of Christmas, but could be yummy!

Classroom Bookends

Books have an inherit problem of being narrow, heavy and unstable. Unless it’s something like a dictionary it has a tendency to fall over. But humans can be clever, and we’ve come up with something called bookends, as demonstrated by builder SEBASTIAN-Z here. The funny thing is, books are found in classrooms, so you could easily find these classroom bookends in a classroom holding books. It’s too bad there’s not a miniature version of these bookends in the classroom depicted in the bookends, then there would be classroom bookends holding books in the classroom bookends holding books in the classroom…I digress.

Rock The Casbah

I went to high school in the 80’s. So things like the rise of MTV, Micheal Jackson, Madonna and Duran Duran are irretrievably interwoven with those most formative years, and I consider myself lucky. I was never much into pop music, but bands like Madness, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys and Devo were on constant rotation in my Walkman. Another band was The Clash, brilliantly created here with their breakout hit Rock The Casbah by builder redfern1950s2. Their counterculture and social commentary lyrics resonated with my generation, and I still listen to them today.