Holy Fruit-of-the-Loom, Batman!

My old pal Thorsten Bonsch has kicked off a new series of Gothic Batman scenes with this rendition of Bruce and Dick's tony changing area in the Batcave.  Note the highly ornate cabinets for their costumes, and even a candelabra on the table.  All this surrounded by the rugged stalactites and stalagmites of the mysterious underground lair.  And there's Robin, in his tighty-whities...  What a scene!

The Batcave – 1. Costume Displays

The Batcave – 1. Costume Displays

The White Tulip

I will admit I have very little knowledge of Russian architecture. In fact, beyond onion domes on colorful buildings or monolithic concrete structures, I'm really not aware of much more. So I found this wonderful building by buildingmaster1966 fascinating not only for it's brick construction, but for opening my eyes to a gap in my knowledge. Time for some google image searches and a little learning.

White Tulip (front)

Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster

I've always been a fan of Stormtroopers, they're white armor, their expert aim, their ability to navigate doorways with ease (ok, I kid, but I am a fan). I've also been a fan of their blasters too, in fact I was just looking at photos last night for an upcoming prop project. So I was quite surprised and delighted to find this awesome LEGO blaster by Daryl Ng in my feed this morning. It's even got a spiffy UCS style display stand, neat!

StormTrooper E-11  Blaster Rifle

Tianfeng Tower

Here in America we have a strange concept of what "history" is, or at least a strange time scale. Since our country has only been around 242 years, things going back that far seem really old. I can assure you there are paint flakes on this magnificent structure in China that are older than our oldest standing structure. This is Tianfeng Tower, and it's been standing for over 1300 years! This LEGO version of it by acgshow(G.S) is absolutely jaw dropping. Click through for many more pictures.

Tianfeng Tower legoMOC

Mini Parisian Restaurant

If there's anything I enjoy more than nicely done modular buildings, it's a micro build of said modular buildings. The Parisian Restaurant is one of my favorites, and this miniature version of it by builder Simon NH is instantly recognizable. And just like it's full size counterpart, it's brimming with charm. There's so many clever techniques and part uses here I don't know where to start, so just gawk at it like I've been doing.

Micro Parisian Restaurant

Starspeeder 3000

When Disney bought Lucasfilm a lot of people asked me how I felt about it. I explained that it seemed totally natural. After all, Star Tours opened in 1987, and since then there's been an ever growing presence in the parks and in the company. So it's been happening for 30 years, it wasn't a shock at all to me. Despite the fact that the ride makes me totally barfy, I love Star Tours and the Starspeeder 3000, and this version by TJJohn12 gives me the warm fuzzies.

Star Tours - Ride Vehicle