Red Skull's Ratrod

I have no idea what the genesis of this is. From a comic, from builder 2nd Life Bricks' imagination? I don't know, or care really, because it's awesome. And I could totally see Red Skull barreling down the highway in this beast, I like to imagine with classical music playing on the stereo (very loudly to be heard over that massive engine). Hail Hydra!


A Fate Worse Than Getting Blown Out Of An Airlock

Builder dvdliu has an interesting thought experiment. What if xenomorphs (the aliens in the Alien movies) developed developed a civilized and "normal" lifestyle? Well, here's a peek at what that might look like, and it's sort of dreary. Yes, I wouldn't wish a desk job, especially wearing a tie, on anyone...or anything. 

Alien in Office
Alien in Office

Bear And The Maiden Fair

I love Game of Thrones. I was a big fan of the books, and I'm a big fan of the series. I'm also a big fan of this outstanding recreation of Harrenhal and the pit where Brienne of Tarth fights the bear (I won't tell you how it turns out, we're not about spoilers here). This jaw-dropping MOC consists of over 20,000 bricks and it shows, it's positively loaded with detail and rich texture throughout. There's tons of pictures if you click through, and believe me, it's worth it.

(more pics in album) GoT - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 1
Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 12
Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 25

Elegant Parlor

This lovely interior by builder Heksu looks ready to accept guests for a party, all we need is some hors d'oeuvres and a pianist and we're all set for some juicy gossip on the Rockefellers. The attention to detail is subtle here, and that's what makes it work so well. The chair rail, the paneled door, the crown molding, the chandelier, it's all understated, but adds up to a very elegant room. And of course the piano is just perfect. I want to spend some time here, it's very inviting.  

Manor Hall