Old School Hoverboard

And by old school we mean positively prehistoric. This is Crushrock’s Hoverboard, from builder Adam Dodge. I’m assuming this is for the LEGO Ideas Flintstone’s Contest that’s currently running. From the description…

"Take a slow cruise around Bedrock with Crushrock's Hoverboard. Ease your aching toes after peddling around town al day, and let the breeze waft past you while you take in the sights. Ride confidently above the cobblestones at our two safe speeds: slow, and really slow! “

Four Seasons

With the blazing heat of summer here to accompany us every step we make, it becomes hard to remember a time without sunburns and a constant desire for air conditioning. Luckily for us, roΙΙi is here to remind us of all the other wonderful seasons of the year in this fantastic series of micro builds. And let me tell you, the summer micro build really floats my boat if you know what I’m saying.


Builder Melan-E is back with another classic bicycle, this time it’s a Schwinn Stingray. Sadly, I’m old enough to remember these from my early childhood. While the real bike from my youth was the Scrambler, there were plenty of these still around when I was younger. In fact the first time (yeah it happened more than once) my brother got his foot caught in some spokes was on the back of one of these. Ah, memories.

Tea Ceremony

Character builder extraordinaire Eero Okkonen is back with a rare diorama. This time it’s a tranquil scene in feudal Japan, a tea ceremony. I could go into some details about this, but they would pale in comparison with the extensive blog post Eero has done, head over there and read up on and see more pictures of this wondrous and beautiful build.

Akira 2019

My old buddy Thorsten Bonsch, in honor of the story of Akira, set in the year 2019, has come up with this stunning scene: Off to the Containment Unit. A real pioneer of the genre, Akira was the first widely distributed serious Japanese Anime in Europe and North America, unlike the usual Saturday morning cartoons for kiddies (still love Tranzor Z, though). Click on the images to see all those tasty greebles up close. Awesome!