We're Going to Need a Bigger Flu Shot

There are those who believe that Life Here Began Out There. Recent scientific studies have shown that our atmosphere is full of viruses all the way to the edge of space, and perhaps beyond... You may recall the Invader T3 Phage a while back. Now check out the second phase of Dwalin Forkbeard’s Galactic Virus series, the Heavy Transport M11 Phage. This rig has some serious cargo capacity, and clearly means business. And if you’ve ever had a sinus infection, you can relate to one of these suckers landing right on top of your head.

Heavy Transport  M11 Phage


This cozy little cottage by builder Peeters Kevin looks like it was lifted right out of a fairytale book. I like to imagine myself coming into a clearing from the woods after a long walk to pick up some bread and cheese and seeing this welcome site. Smoke wafting up from the chimney, the smell of grass, flowers and maybe a delicious stew cooking. It’s just so inviting you want to go inside huh?


I can totally relate to RexZilla by Si-MOCs here. There are days you really wish you could just stomp through a few buildings right? Well, I’d make sure they were abandoned first, I don’t want anyone hurt. And of course you need to make sure the owner would be cool with it, like they have good insurance or it was planned for demolition anyway. And of course you need to make sure there’s no noise or other prohibitive ordinances, just to be on the up and up. Actually, maybe I’m not cut out to be a large mechanical monster…

Approximately 3720 to 1

The moment I saw this picture by builder did b I was instantly transported to a galaxy far, far away. This is one of those scenes in Empire Strikes Back that I have to watch every time. You know what I mean, you may seen a movies hundreds of times, but there’s those few scenes that you just have to watch no matter what you’re doing. Like the Ferrari out the window in Ferris Bueller (spoilers) or the kitchen scene in Gremlins, it’s just what you do. And now, I think it’s time to watch Empire on this rainy Sunday morning.


I have many a fond memories of Gargoyles both in its original run in the mid-nineties and then catching reruns on the Disney Channel in college. The characters were fun, the voice acting was enjoyable and includes many Star Trek actors (TNG and Voyager), and had a great urban fantasy / Sci-Fi combo going. The third season did lose its way a bit, (that is covered in-depth elsewhere), but overall a very fun show. Daniel Jackson re-watched the series a few years back and built Goliath as he awakes in 2017 and is just now sharing it with us.  He’s captured the charter well, Goliath is instantly recognizable, and the 1x1 stone flecks are a nice touch. He also built Goliath’s once love interest and often foil Demona. The choice of skyscraper backdrop for these pictures really sells the picture. They are just cartoony enough and match the series aesthetic nicely.