Our Next Droid Obsession

When The Force Awakens came out pretty much everyone went BB-8 crazy. I mean that little bugger was EVERYWHERE. Well I’d like to introduce you to the next big thing, D-O. We don’t know much about this little guy, with the exception of how damn cute he is, but you can bet he’ll be on Slurpee cups and bags of carrots soon enough. This version by Takamichiii showed up in record time after his reveal during Star Wars Celebration.


Mercedes G4

WWII was a terrible time in our history, but a lot of pretty cool designs came out of it. Like the stunning B-17, the venerable Willys Jeep and the Spitfire, there’s nothing like a bunch of humans wanting to kill each other to spur some design eh? While the nazis were pretty much the worst thing ever, they managed to bring some pretty amazing vehicles to the battlefield, like the Mercedes G4, wonderfully depicted here by builder red 2. And if it troubles you to see nazis in brick form, try to imagine Indiana Jones just out of frame, ready to punch them in the face.

Onnar Rambrow

The great Pate-keetongu is back with another brilliant character build. This time it’s a dwarf from nothing in particular, just the imagination of Eero, but what an imagination it is. While it’s not from a direct source, the Tolkien and Weta influence is very evident, and he goes into detail about the inspiration in a post on his website, click through for the full story.

Red Five Standing By

There have been no shortages of X-Wings built from LEGO, both official sets and fan made. It’s one of the most popular ships in the Star Wars universe so it’s no wonder. So you would think with so many built I would be totally over them, but I still get giddy when I see one. And when it’s as good as this awesome rendition of Luke’s starfighter by Swan Dutchman, I want to lock S-foils in attack position, if you know what I mean.

Soon... Beginning of the End

It’s expected that over one billion people around the world will tune in for tonight’s premier of Game of Thrones’ final season. Those are numbers not seen since OJ took a ride in his Bronco, or somebody shot a guy named JR. It’s certainly not a show for the faint-of-heart, and the chances of it ever being an official LEGO theme is about the same as safely navigating an asteroid field. I know, don’t tell you the odds…

But Markus 19840420 has paid a fine tribute to the legendary show with this nicely composed still shot.