Plumbing Safety

Plumbing safety is no laughing matter. Every year hundreds of people are injured while improperly using the tools of the trade, and it's no joke. Not to mention the costs of repairs should a small flood happen. I know from first hand experience that a simple toilet overflow at the hands of a 9 year old can blossom into a $20k restoration project (true story). Take this apparatus for instance, a katana fixed to a plunger, can you imagine the damage that could be inflicted should this fall into the wrong....

Sorry, I'm being told this is from a video game, Fortnite or something. Never mind, move along.

Fortnite: Plunja Pickaxe

Space Carrot

When I learned that LEGO was going to be made of plants, I didn't realize that a full carrot was on the menu! Zed_43 has created a very organic spaceship (hehe, get it?) and a cute little scene that can make everyone smile (except all the LEGO purist out there who don't want us to play with our food). But the icing on top is the impressive use of a real carrot as the core of the spaceship! All this talking of carrots and icing is really making me hungry, I think I'm going to have a piece of carrot cake. 

Space Carrot

DT-92 Dropship

This looks like a shot out of a movie, so I'm instantly fascinated of course. Ben Smith's dropship and APC look totally ready for action on whatever distant planet they're about to descend upon. I like to think it's some sort of rescue mission, where a hostile alien encounter is about to happen. But it's just as rad if they drop in, drive around for a bit, stop for some donuts then call for dust off.

DT-92 Rigellian Dropship and APC