Things might have gone differently in so many situations if R2-D2 had his own mech like this one from M<0><0>DSWIM. Tuskin Raiders? No Problem. Fell in a swamp? No problem. Stormtroopers? No Problem. Battle of Yavin? Ok, fitting him in the back of an X-Wing might have been a small problem, but I'm guessing this baby has flight capabilities, so no problem!

Fill 'Er Up!

It takes one look at a classic Coca-Cola machine, a vintage radio or even a gas pump to see how we as humans used to really care about aesthetics. While modern design can be nice, a truly beautiful item is rare these days, and always celebrated, which makes me wonder why there isn't more beautiful stuff? Builder Norton74 gets it, and has crafted this vintage gas pump, which served a simple purpose, and looked good doing it.

Fill 'er up!

Choose Your Color

Any kid that owned a Gameboy in the late 90's (so let's face it, most) recognizes these guys, it's the trainers from Pokemon Red and Blue, the ubiquitous monster catching role-playing game. It gives me great pleasure to present these as they come from a builder you might have heard of, Mr Kevin Hinkle himself. It's good to see you dabbling with the bricks Kevin.

Pokémon - Trainer Red
Pokémon - Trainer Blue