Epic Space Collaboration

This is a wonder to behold. This is what happens when seven of the best space builders on the planet pool their resources and build together. This space base is the collective work of Jason Briscoe (Brizzasbricks), Gary Davis (Bricks for Brains), Tim Goddard (Rogue Bantha), Andrew Hamilton (Wami Delthorn), Alec Hole (hhcBrick), Rhys Knight (Mister Bricks) and Peter Reid (Legoloverman). It's a true dream team of builders, and the results are jaw-dropping, I strongly encourage you to click here to see many more pics.

Collaborative Space Base build
Collaborative Space Station – top section
Underground Scene by Gary Davis

Surf's Up

Growing up a native Californian 11 miles from the beach you'd naturally think I surf. And truth be told I did have a board and wetsuit in high school. But I was terrible, I mean truly awful. But that doesn't diminish my appreciation of this pair of beach ready rides from Norton74. Especially that sweet type 2, it even has a boom box to crank up some Surfpunks and some Coke, my kinda beach day.

Surf's Up!

IG-88 Assassin Droid - Watch Out Meatbags!

IG-88 is arguably the deadliest Robot Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe. Eric Druon has updated his IG-88 robot MOC previously made in 2007. This super accurate build measures 40cm/16" tall and has plenty of articulation and great detailing. I love the bandolier, and am pleased to see the droids distinctive silhouette has been so faithfully reconstructed.

Younger readers may not remember IG-88 from the movies as he only has a very brief cameo in the Empire Strikes Back. He does also appear in an episode of the Disney Forces of Destiny episode "Bounty of Trouble".

I wonder if Holowan Laboratories are hiring if so Eric is a shoe in for their next vacancy!


IG-88 2017 Version


Here's a fun fact: I played the clouds in Cabin Boy. Yes, it's true. Way back when I used to do creature effects, and when the call went out at Alterian Studios for someone with an expressive, character face, Tony Gardner thought of me (go figure). You can even see my transformation in the first episode of Movie Magic (man that was a long time ago). Thanks lummerlander, your MOC brought back some strange but fun memories.

A Wind Is Getting Up, Captain...!

Wearable Empire

If Star Wars taught me one thing, it's that helmets are popular in space. And what good is a helmet that you can't wear? Well, Lego Admiral seems to think the same thing, and has crafted these excellent Vader and Stormtrooper helmets in bricks, and you can actually wear them. I don't know how much protection they would offer, then again Stormtroopers can be taken out by a teddy bear with a rock, so the real ones don't offer much either.

Wearable Lego Darth Vader Helmet
Wearable Lego Stormtrooper Helmet

Keko Pops!

Hey kids! You want to start your day off right, right? You can't just run off to the factory or place of labor without getting properly fueled up. Those jobs are important, and too difficult or dangerous for humans so they're relying on YOU! Start your day with a balanced breakfast of Keko Pops! All the energy you need to be productive and dependable, and a free torque wrench in every box!

Robot Breakfast

Taiping Lake Gardens

This beautiful lake diorama by builder wenyehng looks totally tranquil and inviting. With all the chaos in the world, and the craziness in my life with work and home, I find this irresistibly compelling. I don't think me plus a kayak would be a good mix, but drifting around in one of those swans, with a cool drink and little classical music sounds SO appealing. Click through for many more pictures.

Taiping Lake Gardens
Taiping Lake Gardens