Grata of Kontrabontembi

Layered costumes are difficult in real life, not to mention in LEGO elements, but builder Pate-keetongu pulls it off with his usual flair with this lovely creation from his imagination. Grata is a senior exchange student of Kontrabontembi monastery for wizard monks according to Eero’s webpage, and if she’s this impressive as a student, imagine when she’s a full fledged practicer of magic.

Grata of Kontrabontembi

Wolverine Vs Sentinels

You ever feel like the odds are stacked against you? You know, like when you’re late for a meeting and every light is red? Or when you’re going to pick up a rotisserie chicken at 6PM? Or you buy a MegaMillions ticket when it passes $1 BILLION? Or when you’re a metallically enhanced superhuman with regenerative properties facing down three giant robots bent on your destruction, like the one here depicted by I Scream Clone? Yeah, like that.

Wolverine vs The Sentinels
Sentinel vs Wolverine


As halloween approaches it’s time for things to get a little spooky. Builder chubbybots thinks so too and created this wonderful werewolf. And as I’m typing this my dogs are begging for biscuits behind me, which got me wondering, what do you suppose a werecorgi would look like? I mean, why does it have to be a wolf? I can assure you corgis can be pretty fierce too, just way more adorable when they’re doing it.