Porg: The Other White Meat

Porgs, they are primed and ready to be a love it/hate it aspect of Star Wars The Last Jedi. I for one think they are kinda cute, but am honestly a bit leery. But I swore to reserve judgement until I see the movie, and I will. Regardless if you love them or hate them, you gotta admit they're probably good eatin', at least ewoks think so (and so does Ochre Jelly).


Robot Saints

All you need for a religion is an idea and a bunch of people to agree that's a pretty good idea. Who's to say we can't worship a robot deity? And if we did, why not recognize some robots as saints? That seems to be the inspiration behind this collaboration between DjoksonKingmarshyLord-OblivionAnthony (The Secret Walrus) WilsonThe Chosen One and Disty

Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar

I was just sitting here lamenting my LEGO Star Wars advent calendar (I've recognized one thing so far and the box keeps ripping) when I discovered this absolutely stunning advent calendar from kjm161. And if you think the outside is impressive, not only does it have a daily surprise for the countdown to Christmas, it's got a fully detailed and richly decorated interior. You owe it to yourself to click through and check out the many pictures of this wonderful holiday MOC.

Santa's Workshop at the North Pole
Santa's Workshop at the North Pole

Beary Bad Day

Humans sure take a lot of pride being "top of the food chain", but I can assure you it's only because we're slightly more clever and built cities and houses. Drop most modern day people off in the middle of nowhere and they'll quickly figure out where they stand, especially if there's bears around. And this is nothing new, as illustrated in this hilarious MOC by lummerlander. You would think after tens of thousands of years we'd learn...nope.

Fateful Errors Of Mankind (unpopular) Part 1

Silver And Gold

I might be skewing this a bit more to the holidays than intended, I'm in a christmasy mood. But really, with that much pearl gold, silver and chrome, I could see Santa screaming around the north pole in this beast by redfern1950s2. Well, that is if he could squeeze into it. With a chop that aggressive he might have to roll Big Daddy Roth style, if you know what I mean.

All that glitters is not gold - Super Charged V8 Hot Rod
Super Charged V8 Hot Rod

Adam Savage Builds A LEGO Han Solo Blaster

I'll say it, Han Solo's DL-44 blaster is the coolest weapon of Star Wars (fight me!) and besides one of the screen used props or truly accurate prop replicas the coolest form of DL-44 has to be in LEGO. Adam Savage and Norm Chan think so too, and recently picked up kits from DemonHunterBricks on Etsy. In this video from Tested they build them, after showing off some other cool LEGO prop weapons, you might recognize one of them.

Back in September when I visited the Tested headquarters to build the Millennium Falcon I gave a phaser to Norm. Seeing the disappointment on Adam's face I promised him one too. And last month when I went to see Tested: Deconstructed I was able to meet up with Adam after the show and present it to him, with a nifty little display stand.

I was delighted to see it at the start of this video.