The Coral Hotel

I don’t know where my fascination with art deco came from. There’s a pretty limited sample of the style here in my home town, but I’ve always been drawn to it. So I find this latest build from snaillad totally irresistible. I would love to stay at this hotel, as long as it wasn’t pretentious and weird inside. I’ve stayed at a number of hotels in recent years that celebrate the art deco aesthetic, but only on the outside. On the inside it’s chrome bears, terrible art, pointless doors and friggin’ bean bag furniture. But as you can see, it’s classic 30’s inside this lovely building.

Twelve Years Of Zodiac

I have to admit, Chinese New Year might be better than any other new year. Sure we stay up til midnight drinking and then make a lot of noise (and spend the whole next day nursing a hangover), but there’s no dragons! And we don’t have an official animal every year, which is pretty neat. Speaking of neat, builder vincentkiew has assembled this excellent collection of the entire Chinese zodiac. While they’re all very cool, the dragon and the monkey are my faves.

LiveBuild LEGO 75244 Tantive IV


It’s Star Wars Day!!!! And what better way to celebrate than to build the latest super awesome LEGO set, the Tantive IV! You may know it as the rebel blockade runner, or perhaps as the original “smuggler ship” (yup, this was the original Millennium Falcon) and we’re going to build it live starting at 9am PST. Tune in to either our YouTube channel or head over to our sister site Nerds&Makers’ Twitch Channel.

See you then!!!


For The Empire!

There’s a lot to unpack here with Tim Lydy’s first Star Wars build. It started simply enough, with a trench battle featuring the pretty spiffy Mimban Stormtroopers. But it grew in size, and then the Emperor was added, then with the addition of the aurebesh title (for the empire) it has taken on almost a propaganda type feel, and it’s pretty amazing. For a more in depth breakdown of the build, check out this post on EuroBricks.

Duel Of The Fates

While I’m not much of a prequel fan I can say this, if you can get through all the silliness of Phantom Menace and get to the end, you’re gonna see a great lightsaber fight. This was the first time the fans saw some serious Jedi-in-their-prime and total-kick-ass-Sith crossing sabers, and it was pretty bad ass. In fact I’m guessing from the title of this post you’ve had John Williams’ score in your head and you’ve been hearing the humming of lightsabers while you’ve been enjoying this MOC by LEGO 7, amiright?