LiveBuild Tomorrow - The Force Awakens

We have a bunch of Star Wars The Force Awakens sets here at the studio, and it's high time we built some. But with so many to choose from, we need your help. You have until 9am PST to vote for your choice of the set we build. And tomorrow we'll review the results and build whatever set you you've chosen! Vote and we'll see you tomorrow!

BrickNerd LiveBuild - Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine & More

There's a whole lot of mystery to be solved here. How many bags in the box? What condition is the sticker sheet in? Are there any printed elements? Solve these and more as we build the Mystery Machine live! Building starts at 9am PST. Visit the Facebook page for a link to the Google+ Hangout to chat live with us. See you then!

BrickNerd LiveBuild - Big Bang Theory


Join me and Mrs BrickNerd Dianna as we build LEGO Ideas Big Bang Theory live! Google+ Hangout should start about 8:45am PST and building will start at 9am PST. Head over to our Facebook page to get the Hangout link when it's posted. We'd like to apologize ahead of time for the fact we know nothing about the show, so if you're a fan join us so we know what the heck we're building.

It's guaranteed to be at least 53% more exciting than quantum theory as explained by Ben Stein on valium.