Rogue One Trailer In LEGO

I'm very proud to have played a small role in bringing this to life. This is the result of small group of talented artists called The Animators Collective working very hard for just a few short weeks. Two of the shots were completed here at BrickNerd Studios, and we contributed several elements for use in other shots. Check out the breakdown below to see just what went into the 28 frames of the bacta tank shot alone. 

BrickNerd LiveBuild - Star Wars UCS Assault On Hoth

That's right LEGO Star Wars fans, we've seen a communication from a probe droid in the Hoth system and have it under good authority the rebels are there. Join me and James Morr as we build LEGO 75098 UCS Assault On Hoth live! So use your harpoons and tow cables and go for their...I mean come watch a couple dorks play with LEGO.

Building starts at 11am PST, join us!

Ghostbusters Headquarters - In Just Over A Minute

How do you make building one of the biggest LEGO sets ever produced even more epic? You  film it in multiple sessions with motion control time-lapse then composite all the shots with some cool speed effects and edit a video. This took over a week, but was super fun. The set is outstanding, with loads of detail and tons of nostalgia. One of my favorite all time movies is now one of my favorite all time sets.

Utter Silliness

When I started BrickNerd nearly three years ago a YouTube channel was part of the vision. I really had no idea what it was going to be, and decided I'd let it evolve naturally. Looking back I could not have predicted what a wacky and fun thing it was going to be. While cutting this new channel trailer I looked at a great deal of content from the channel, it was eye-opening and wonderful to relive the journey so far.  Looking forward I'm excited to see what mischief I get into next. Thanks to everyone who watches, you make it all worth it.