Utter Silliness

When I started BrickNerd nearly three years ago a YouTube channel was part of the vision. I really had no idea what it was going to be, and decided I'd let it evolve naturally. Looking back I could not have predicted what a wacky and fun thing it was going to be. While cutting this new channel trailer I looked at a great deal of content from the channel, it was eye-opening and wonderful to relive the journey so far.  Looking forward I'm excited to see what mischief I get into next. Thanks to everyone who watches, you make it all worth it.

BrickNerd LiveBuild - Dr. Who

What could be more fun than watching two people build a LEGO Dr Who set live on the internet? Watching two people who haven't the first clue about Dr Who building a LEGO Dr Who set live on the internet, that's what! You've got nothing better to do, the Superbowl is hours and hours away. 

Join me and Mrs BrickNerd live at 10:30 am PST. Guaranteed 17% more exciting than opening bean dip.

BrickNerd LiveBuild - Poe's X-Wing Fighter


I can't believe Star Wars The Force Awakens is almost here! We're counting the hours and what better way to kill some time and have some fun than to build? So we're building Poe's X-Wing Fighter live! Join me and James Morr at 10am PST. It's way more interesting than sitting in line (which is where you'll find me tomorrow!)