A Little Patch Of Blue

With all the chaos and stress associated with the modern world, I sometimes wish we could go back to a simpler life, just living off of nature with constant and peaceful freedom. But then I remember that the great outdoors is not my forte, with things like mosquitos (eww) and diseases (double eww). I guess I’ll just stick to enjoying the jungle through this image by MassEditor.

New Ventures

It seems that the 1980’s classic spacemen have developed a sense of entrepreneurship and have decided to expand their ventures into space mining. With a crew this large and a fearsome machine, it is unquestionable that Andreas Lenander’s astronauts are on their way in making a multimillion credit business. It would seem that their skin color has also changed. Weird. Probably all that alien space dust.


I can tell you quite confidently that if I was cruising down the road and I spotted this cafe by builder Norton74 I would be tempted, in fact I might not even be able to override the autopilot of my truck. I love diners like these, it’s my favorite breakfast. Give me some bacon, scrambled eggs and morning fries any day of the week! Oh, but I’ll take that with tea please.


Builder Vince_Toulouse with another exceptional vehicle. This one looks like the result of a passionate night with a Blade Runner Spinner and a Tron cycle, with a tiny bit of art deco thrown in. And yes, if you’re inspecting that engine thinking “isn’t that a troll arm?” you are absolutely correct. This thing might struggle with corners, but who cares if you can roll down the street in such style.

Off-World Colonization Assessment Team

When you hear the term “micro build” it instantly conjure images of tiny structures tediously built at a very small scale. But what if you’re building something that is in it’s very nature massive, like a planet? Then even if it’s micro, it's still pretty big. That’s the case with this MOC by builder justin_m_winn, it’s massively micro, and you need to see all the pictures to get the details, click through for more.

The Epic Climax Of Return Of The Jedi

Spoiler alert, the Empire has built a second Death Star. And what do you do when the Empire builds a large doomsday machine? You blow it up. This excellent MOC by builder did b depicts the epic battle at the climax of ROTJ, where three simultaneous conflicts happen, Luke fights Darth Vader, the rebel fleet takes on the Imperial fleet, and a bunch of teddy bears kick some stormtrooper butt. And of course Lando and Wedge fly right into the Death Star, and cause just a little havoc.