Welcome To The Circus

I recall going to circus when I was young. I also recall it being rather unnerving and I’ve never been back. I really got the impression those animals wanted nothing to do with what was going on, and the trapeze artists had a seriously undeveloped sense of self preservation. But I’m totally digging this circus by builder DOGOD Brick Design, from it’s pop up backdrop to the meticulously crafted and bursting with character animals, it’s all delightful.

MF-10 Diamond Empress

I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t much LEGO mech coverage on this blog. This isn’t because I have anything against them, it’s simply because I’ve run out of words for them. I see them all the time and think “hey, that’s pretty awesome” but beyond saying “hey, this is pretty awesome” I have no idea what to write. So when I scrolled past this mostly transparent mech by builder Moko that was the usual response, but it’s just so unusual and nifty I had to share. By the way, if you’re a LEGO mech fan with more to say and would like to blog about it, come join the Nerd Herd.


Check out this lovely beast by builder Jarac. The Y-Wing has always been a favorite of mine, just because it’s so “scrappy”. It was designed to look like a ship that had seen some action. It's outside cladding had been removed so many times that it was eventually decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. It also looked like it could take some punishment, and had dished out a fair amount too.


“You enter a dark, dank room. Lining the walls are shelves that once contained a myriad of potions and elixirs, now it’s just broken, dusty vials and strange stains. The floor is a mess of old parchment, broken glass and debris, clearly the room has been sacked or a great struggle took place many years ago. against the far wall is an undisturbed chest, dusty but intact. Above is a candle chandelier that has not been lit in ages, wax stalactites hang from it. You can smell a mix of sulfur and lavender, it’s pleasing and unpleasant at the same time”

“I open the chest”

“Roll for initiative”

Just a reminder that every room must be treated like a place a dungeon master has concocted to murder you, because it likely has been. A wonderful D&D creation by Corvus Auriac MOCs.