Get Some!

I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A Pulse Rifle. Ten millimeter, with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher.
— Cpl. Hicks

Builder Nick Brick is back with one of my all time favorite sci-fi weapons, the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens. I still recall sitting in the theater during the pulse pounding 2 hour 34 minute adrenaline rush that is Aliens and going “oooohhh” when Hicks was showing this to Ripley.

Beautiful Brick Bouquet

Not only is this sculpture by builder jarekwally eye catching and whimsical, it’s also a reminder that LEGO is moving away from petroleum based plastic to plant-based. This is part of their commitment to being sustainable by the year 2030, and they’re well on their way. I’d personally like a couple bouquets like this around the house, fun to look at and pretty difficult to kill (bringing a live plant into this house is pretty much a death sentence).

Samurai Mech

I was stunned to learn that builder Eero Okkonen constructed this gorgeous behemoth in two days, TWO DAYS! I know I’m a slow builder, glacially slow any more (seriously, my current MOC has been on the table in the studio for well over a year) but this just blows my mind. Sometimes it’s the pressure of a contest deadline that can kick a build into overdrive, in this case the Eurobricks Ninjago Contest. But to beat the deadline with such an awesome figure, color me impressed.

I’ve Seen This One it Doesn’t Turn Out Well for the Coyote

The Road Runner and Coyote, two of the classic cartoon foils. Chris Goddard has succeeded where Wile E. never did, by capturing the Road Runner in brick form. Also Wile E Coyote, and a back drop straight out of a classic Merry Melodies short. The classic elements are there: the Road Runner about to set off something the Coyote attempted earlier and failed, the Coyote’s later over complicated attempted to snag the Road Runner, a fantastic American Southwest backdrop, and the Road Runner’s knowing look to the audience just before the Coyote, with his bulging eyes gets his comeuppance. The only thing missing is the painted tunnel that turns into a real tunnel later, but that would likely crowd the scene.

Game Of Thrones Castles In Motion

Fans of Game of Thrones should recognize these iconic castles from the opening titles of the series. Builder Legopard spent three months recreating six of the locations of Westeros and Essos, not only capturing the look and feel of them, but also adding brilliant mechanical action to all. Check out the video to see them all in motion, and try to keep your jaw from hitting the table.