Alien Vs Predator

And when I say "vs" it's not in the context of these two fighting, it's more of a "cute-off". Yes, two of the most feared adversaries seem to be in a battle to out ugly each other, but failing miserably because they're so darned adorable. I think if the crew of the Nostromo or Arnold had been up against these two the results might have been far more "squee". Nice build Mr. Brickman.

Predator & Alien

Steam Giants

I know practically nothing about trains, but I do appreciate them, especially a classic steam powered beast. And these two by builder Cale Leiphart are about as beastly as they come. At first I thought I was looking at different sides of the same model, then I saw them side by side and it took me a little while to spot the differences. The attention to detail and dedication to accuracy is impressive.

Y6b 02
A class 01
N&W A and Y6b 02

The Dark Bluish Gray Pearl

This boat is sorta blowing my mind. I mean, it's inspired by the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, so it's got my attention already. But that hull design and technique has me absolutely flummoxed. I could not tell you how it's done, nor how it stays together. But combine that with loads of cool techniques and the color palette and it's just a stunner from every angle.

Attack of the Dark Bluish Grey Pearl
The Dark Bluish Grey Pearl (back)


When you hear the word "locust" what do you think of? A mostly harmless grasshopper-like small insect? A plague of mostly harmless grasshopper-like small insects capable of destroying entire crops and devastating everything in their path? How about a neo classic space twin engine gunship? Yeah, that's what I was thinking too, thanks to builder ZCerberus.


Koelbel Building

The Hit the Bricks exhibit on the campus of Colorado University, Boulder is getting expanded thanks to the efforts of COWLUG. The already massive layout is going to be even bigger with additions like the Koelbel Building here by builder Imagine™. Having built with this wall technique before I know first hand what a huge investment in parts and time it is, but as you can see it's totally worth it.

Koelbel Building CU Boulder, Colorado
Koelbel Building CU Boulder, Colorado