The moment I saw this lovely sculpture by builder Julius von Brunk I immediately heard Saria’s Theme in my head (and had an overwhelming desire to play an ocarina, weird huh?). Yes, it’s Saria, from one of the greatest games of all time The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Julius also created this great video breaking down her somewhat unusual construction.

The One Wheel

There is something about mono-wheels that I find irresistible. This is despite two engineering degrees and years of professional experience that screams, “Not Practical!”, “It would have a giant turning radius!”, “There are reasons why unicycles are only seen at circuses!”, among other things.  I think my appreciation is because the mono-wheel is the distillation of a vehicle down to the fewest components: a wheel, a seat, and an engine. Daniel Church has provided an excellent mono-wheel.  The wheel is constructed from the new roller-coaster track and detailed with light grey and black Nexo shield tiles. The boiler behind the driver is well constructed as is the piston assembly.  The best part by far is that Daniel motorized the whole thing, the mono-wheel in motion with the chain drive running and the piston pumping really sells the steampunk design.

Barn Find

This is every vintage car fanatics dream, the barn find. You’re passing through a rural area, decide to stop for lunch at a little greasy spoon. As you dig into your chicken fried steak an old timer at the counter spots your hat, a distinctive but maybe obscure car logo (mine would be an old VW Wolfsburg crest) and walks over. As he drops in the seat across from you he points at your hat “you like old cars huh?” As you nod yes with a mouth full of food he tells you about the old car he has in his barn. He bought it 40 years ago and was going to fix it up, but it’s just been sitting there covered with a tarp ever since. You agree that this needs to be seen, and the rest is a hell of a story for the people in your car club. Builder Norton74 shows us what this might look like with a classic Ford Mustang, and it’s a dream come true.


You need only walk through the door of BrickNerd Studios to see we’re fans of IKEA. Just about 100% of the furnishings here are IKEA, from the tables we build on, the desk I blog from (and write, edit, composite, illustrate, design….) to the “stages” we shoot animation on (ok, they’re tables, but they’re IKEA tables) it’s all IKEA. Initially when the studio was set up it was going to be temporary to shoot the animation for The LEGO Brickumentary, but I loved having a studio so much I decided to keep it. So it is with great fondness I present this tiny tribute to the giant store by builder cubo31, it’s ÄDÖRBS.


Sea World came under attack a few years ago after the documentary Blackfish came out. The treatment of the sea life there while possibly well intended has never been great, and the pool size for the whales there is just appalling. But look at the tiny size of the the pool for this sea serpent! It is absolutely criminal, and builder adde51 may have to answer to the authorities if this goes viral (please go viral, I could use the traffic).

The Four Devine Beasts

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of my all time favorite games. It’s been over two years since it came out and I’m still playing it on occasion and I still have things to do. While it was a pretty drastic departure from other Zelda games, the spirit was the same, and I really can’t get enough of it. One of the biggest differences is the lack of dungeons and introduction of the Devine Beasts (which, let’s face it, were pretty much dungeons). Each one was unique and they’re represented here in fine form by builder speedyhead. This makes me want to break out the controller right now!