BrickNerd LiveBuild: Stranger Things

Everyone’s favorite creepy and nostalgic show Stranger Things is back for season 3 tomorrow and we’re going to celebrate by building LEGO 75810 The Upside Down live!. This will be a simulstream on both our YouTube channel and our sister site Nerds&Makers Twitch stream. Join us tomorrow July 4th starting at 8am PST!


The Neighborhood Of Make-Believe

For as much as I watched Mr. Rogers Neighborhood as a child I’m surprised how much I’ve forgotten about it. I mean we watched it and Sesame Street all the time, but compared to that show the Land of Make-believe is largely forgotten. I remember Trolly, and vaguely remember the somewhat disturbing puppets, but most of my memories of Mr. Rogers are of him in his pretty normal house, weird huh? Thankfully I have this wonderful MOC by Pepa Quin to jog my memory, and I have a strange compulsion to go watch some classic episodes.

Wandering Temple Of The Last Flame

Now this is the kind of transportation I need these days. It’s got high seating, for a good vantage point, and it runs on carrots, which I can afford. Sure it’s a bit lumbering and slow, but my commute is only one mile, and half of it is in the opposite direction. If I could teach this guy to step over the wall I could cut my commute in half! I will probably get some grief from the HOA about keeping it in my back yard, but I think I can handle them. Nice MOC lummerlander.

For Those About To Rock

As a child I remember having a cute music box with an angel that would come out and dance to a soothing melody. It was a charming item, but I’m sure my childhood self wouldn’t have minded to also have this sick music box by LEGO 7. The animals are just having a blast and there’s soo much energy that I can’t help but rock my head back and forth to the sweet tunes of ACDC. Rock on my little dudes. Rock on.