Builder Paddy Bricksplitter describes Hobson here at a “Faithful robotic butler to the idle rich” so I can say with complete confidence you will never see him at my house. Not that I am not rich, it’s just that I’m never idle…and I’m not rich. But he does seem very proper, well dressed and goes about his tasks with a certain panache, which I can appreciate.

Gamer Levels Up In The Face Of Adversity

Dateline Anytown USA

Despite overwhelming odds, gamer Zach Bishop has managed to complete several levels of his game and advanced to level 68. While the importance of hygiene and sustenance are acknowledged, priorities must be set. Or in the words of Zach “yeah, whatever”. Yes, the threat of unloading the dishwasher proved to be a momentary distraction, but with concentration and perseverance, that too was overlooked. And while room cleaning and laundry loom large another threat could prove to be his downfall, sleep. We understand efforts are underway to thwart this however, with the discovery of a half consumed Rockstar discovered behind the monitor.

In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A Hobbit...

With all the absolute insanity in the world I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to live in the Shire more than I do at this very moment. I know it’s a fictional place, but it’s so peaceful and perfect my heart aches for it. Builders Jake Hansen and Cole Blood have crafted an idyllic place I want to be, even if it’s just to park my Airstream for a couple weeks.

Please Dress Appropriately for Tonight’s Invasion

This is one of those pieces that got me with the shear whimsy of it.  I’m sure Umbra-Manis is not the first person to pun on “TIE” in this manor, but did so in a way that brought a big smile to my face on a day when I needed it. The use of the wavy castle flags (4495) for intakes is clever, as they are uncommon in sci-fi builds and adds a bit of a cloth like texture to the bowtie. Next time you need your star fighters to be dressed to impress, Umbra-Manis’ Osiris Fleet Systems are the folks to call.

Movie Stunt

I don’t know how I missed this incredible action shot from Pixeljunkie months ago, but it’s never too late. I know I work on movies and should be all jaded by now, but my love of all things film runs deep, and shots like this make my heart go pitter patter. I will say that crew is in significant danger and the stunt coordinator is going to get a little visit by the studio and the union though.